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Since 2003, Rome Neal and his Banana Puddin' Jazz, have showcased over 500 singers, poets, dancers & musicians at NYC's World Famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Join him for an evening of glamour, celebration, incredible music & food* and yes, delicious banana puddin'!

The Virtual

Banana Puddin' Jazz Jam

& the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

The Banana Puddin' Jazz Jam and Open Mic was conceived by Rome Neal on April 7, 2003 at the world famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe. After going out to many jazz clubs doing research on jazz musicians in order to develop the Thelonious Monk character in Laurence Holder's one-man play (Monk), Neal found himself at quite a few jazz jam sessions. He became ecstatic over the musicianship and environment which instilled in him a desire to bring (that same energy of the jazz jams of 40s and 50s, which still exist in some clubs in harlem today) downtown to his artistic home (the Nuyorican Poets Cafe).

In personalizing his particular jazz jam, Neal added his favorite banana puddin dish which he makes for everyone to eat, and the banana puddin jazz jam poem, a group poem written by the audience in attendance on the night of the event and recited by a member of the audience with jazz music as it's underscore and finally e-mailed to everyone on his e-mail list. The Banana Puddin' Jazz Jam evenings begins with a featured band, and is preceded by an open mic with musicians, singer, poets and dancers welcomed to perform. All hosted by Rome Neal, who sings and dances his way into the hearts of those in attendance as well as serves up his legendary banana pudding for dessert.

Over the past years the featured bands have been:
The Onaje Allan Gumbs Trio
The John Di Martino Trio
Cynthia Scott and her Trio
Bill Lee and His Mo' Better Quintet
The Danny Mixon Trio
Lafayette Harris Trio
Lou Myers and His Band
Chester Gregory and His Band
The Bob Cunningham Trio
Eric Frazier and his Quintet
Patience Higgins and The Sugar Hill Quartet
The Bill Saxton Trio
The Donald Smith Trio
George V. Johnson Jr.
The William Ash Trio
The Japanese Jazz Connection
Blueswing Jazz
Lakecia Benjamin Trio
The Sayuri Goto Trio
The Mamiko Watanabe Trio
Nick Porcaro Trio
The Atiba Wilson Trio
The Goussy Celestin Trio
The Efacho Okeke Jazz Trio
Seth Sharp and the Shinya Yonezawa Trio
Flash Drive
Courtney Bryan and the Marvtastic Ladies in Jazz
Mfergu Trio
Richard Clements Trio

Keith "The Captain" Gamble

And More!

Banana Puddin' Jazz
Thanks to all who supported The10th Anniversary Celebration! Click here to see the photos by
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