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That MagicaL Night performing at the Betty Carter Center of the Arts!

I would like to thank all who came out Saturday night to my inaugural concert at the Betty Carter Auditorium For The ARTS on a day that just lined Jazz up with the stars.  I will never forget this Jazz Appreciation Month and April 30, 2022 being the last day of the month-long celebration along with it being International Jazz Day, the day my quintet performed the inaugural jazz performance in this space, along with being part and closing the last day of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium’s 23rd Annual Festival.

I have to acknowledge this month being my 19th Anniversary of my Rome Neal’s Banana Puddin’ Jazz events…and also give thanks to the Center’s director, Eric Woodlin, NYC Commissioner of Culture, Laurie Cumbo. 

Here’s a special shout out to my folks in the media who help to get the word out: Alejandro Alonso Muñoz content creator at the Major Owen Center, Jean Parnell and Alyson Williams (WHCR 90.3 FM), Basir Mchawi (WBAI 99.5 FM), Ron Scott (Amsterdam News), Cheryl Wills (NY1 News), as well as listings from Our Times Press and The New York Beacon News, and photos/video by Hollis King and Steve Cromity, and my website designer Sheryl Renee.

Here’s a BIG shout-out and THANK YOU to my band: Patience Higgins (sax), Andre Chez Lewis (musical director/pianist), Phil Young (drums), Yoshi Waki (bass) and the superb sound design by Eric Frazier.

Lastly I would like to thank the fabulous staff at the Major R. Owens Health and Wellness Community Center.


What a MARVTASTIC way to celebrate this “MUSIC OF THE SPIRIT”…taking center stage singing the music I love to a truly appreciative audience... THE PRAISE REPORT BELOW SAYS IT ALL! 


Peace & Blessings... looking forward to sharing this magical night with you all and others on my Banana Puddin' Jazz Youtube Channel, so please support my 19 Years of Rome Neal's Banana Puddin' Jazz by sending in your  contribution:


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Thank You for a Marvtastic Evening!
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Rome Neal w/ Patience Higgins and the Sugar Hill Quartet

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Congrats to the 17th Anniversary Shakere
She's Gotta Have It- 2


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Greetings Folks, I'm feeling Blessed and Highly Favored!

Wow! My very first International Jazz concert... We Did It! 

I like to give a special thank you to all my Musical Artists from around
the globe who performed! Enjoy the comments below, then click the link and see for yourselves- Rome Neal


Enjoy the show, it's FREE...however, "TIPS" are appreciated... Make your contribution TODAY!

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"With little money, no staff, Rome Neal might have just executed the most advanced concept in Jazz since Bebop. His online concert involving musicians from South America, Africa, and Asia, and Europe without middle persons reaping the profits, might very well save the art."

- Ishmael Reed


 "The way you brought so many diverse talents with a variety of gifts from various countries and even continents together yesterday, was truly exciting and refreshing! What A Wonderful Sharing!"  

- Frances Alpine Sharp


"Awesome Rome, thank you for gathering phenomenal talent from around the world.. AWESOME JOB!!" 

- Jerome Preston Bates


" A truly international show. Love Seth's "
Acceptable to Ourselves"

- John D. Smith (Banana Puddin' Jazz sponsor)




- Dr. Mona Scott of Black Repertory Group (Berk)
(Banana Puddin' Jazz sponsor)


"Good Job! enjoyed the opening musical hookup,...
again at the end!"

- Tamara Clements (Banana Puddin' Jazz sponsor)

"Thank You for your unparalleled musical athleticism and leadership to gather those international and unique artists in a phenomenal program" Dr. Audrey Bake

Rome Neal Banana Puddin' Jazz

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